PASTA NATURA gluten free long pasta for the Mediterranean diet


A tasty thread of pasta: this is what people have in mind when it comes to long pasta. And this is what we at PASTA NATURA have achieved. We have enhanced our beautiful raw materials by working them in an artisanal way: slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing to make pasta of excellent quality, full-bodied and porous, excellent for making any recipe. Our pasta, unlike the traditional one, is naturally gluten-free and made only with water and flour. The taste of our pasta allows you to bring a satisfying gastronomic experience to the table every day. We decided to add long pasta to our range because each type of condiment requires a type of pasta suitable for enhancing its taste: long pasta is therefore essential for all lovers of the Mediterranean diet who traditionally use different types of pasta condiments. All that remains is to try the different combinations and always new recipes to find the perfect combination, remembering that long pasta requires a full-bodied and creamy seasoning.