PASTA NATURA flours from cereals and legumes naturally gluten-free


PASTA NATURA flours are naturally gluten-free. We use only selected cereals and legumes and we work them wisely to offer flours rich in nutrients. In each bag you will find all the organoleptic properties of the seed or grain: an explosion of color, aromas and flavor that you can not resist! PASTA NATURA flours are suitable for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diets. Legume-based flours are rich in protein, perfect for replacing meat without sacrificing a rich, balanced and complete diet. Cereals, as we know, are perfect to find the right vitality to face the day, they should never be missing in the daily diet, especially in that of the little ones who need a lot of energy to face lively days spent between school, games, activities and the adventures that a world yet to be discovered has to offer. With PASTA NATURA flours you can make incredible recipes to conquer the palate of the whole family, it will be fun and delicious to maintain a good diet. Pancakes, cakes, waffles, pasta, pizza... sweet or salty, what will be your next realization?