PASTA NATURA gluten free pasta refundable with the NHS contribution


PASTA NATURA foods of the mutuable line are among the food products that can be dispensed by the NHS. Specialized in the production of gluten-free foods, we have selected specific PASTA NATURA recipes for the pharmacy channel. In this way PASTA NATURA offers foods that can be found in the list of the National Register of the Ministry of Health, concerning supplementary health care, relating to products intended for a particular diet. You can find this list on the website of the Ministry of Health. Supplementary health care provides for a reimbursement ranging from 45 to 140 euros per month depending on the age and gender of the person. Foods specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten are subject to the notification procedure to the Ministry itself, which assesses its compliance with current legislation, in order to guarantee the safety of products and correct information to consumers. PASTA NATURA mutable line offers only guaranteed, safe and high quality products.