pasta mutuabile riso integrale
  • Maccheroni
  • Fusilli

Pasta for celiacs linea mutuabile with brown rice flour PASTA NATURA


PASTA NATURA line presents Maccheroni and Fusilli with brown rice flour. Naturally gluten-free, so suitable for gluten-free diets. The PASTA NATURA with rice flour is among the products selected by the Ministry of Health for the National Register of Food available free of charge to celiacs, so it is fully refundable. The good news is that PASTA NATURA is excellent, has a pleasant taste that matches all your favorite ingredients and has a texture always "al dente" pleasant to the palate.


Pasta with brown rice flour
Classic. Gluten-free pasta specifically formulated for coeliacs, made from brown rice. You can find it in the pharmacy. PASTA NATURA has developed its borrowed line to meet the dietary needs of people with coeliac disease. All PASTA NATURA products are naturally gluten-free, this special line has been included by the Ministry of Health in the National Register of Food dispensed free of charge thanks to the SSN refund. PASTA NATURA is produced with the most effective and traditional method of production: bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperature. This technique guarantees the production of all the organoleptic properties of good pasta: scent, color, texture, porosity, sealing cooking. All essential features for lovers of good pasta. The ingredients used by PASTA NATURA are few and simple; therefore, among them you will not find additives, starches and even less ingredients of animal origin. PASTA NATURA is completely natural. Highly digestible, it is perfect for the daily diet of the whole family. An al dente pasta of quality is also good with a little olive oil, imagine the PASTA NATURA topped with your favorite recipe, that feast in the kitchen.

The benefits of brown rice flour
Brown rice is a source of fiber and energy, perfect for those who live their days in a frantic way and need good nutrients to support their lifestyle. The detoxifying effect and the help it provides for the regularity of the intestine make it the best promoter of psycho-physical well-being, a real health choice in the daily meal.

The history of PASTA NATURA. Suggestions in search of taste
Integral is rough, porous, tasty. Integral is the key to entering a more genuine world, with stronger smells, colors and flavors. The legendary Maccheroni becomes brown, full of wisdom and tradition. The legendary Macaroni becomes brown, full of wisdom and tradition. He comes to your table ready to take charge of the seasoning to bring it up to your mouth, from the height of his wisdom he knows that you want to make it a tasty bite, for this he awaits you composed in the dish. Integral is also the fusillo PASTA NATURA, completely permeable to the sauce, quiet and available to be flooded by the seasoning to act as a ferryman from the dish to the palate. Each forkful will be full and dense, a soft caress in your mouth. This is the wisdom of pasta with brown rice flour PASTA NATURA, the awareness of having an important task, that is to be responsible for your encounter with taste and goodness.


80x120 10 16 8 1280
100x120 10 20 8 1600

Data sheet

1579 kJ/373 kcal / RDA 19%
2.9 g / RDA 4%
of which saturates
0.5 g / RDA 3%
77 g / RDA 30%
of which sugars
0.8 g / RDA 1%
3.5 g
7.9 g / RDA 16%
0.02 g / RDA 0%