From seed to table is our commitment: the quality of the raw materials is crucial for us as we only place nature in our packages. All PASTA NATURA seeds and grains, cereals and pulses are carefully selected and processed. Their scent and their colour represent their very essence: the breeze of fields cultivated in the sun and the taste of nature. Each grain, each seed has been chosen for its high nutritional value and taste. With simple processes we obtain the flour that is proposed in its pure form or to be tasted as delicious pasta. All PASTA NATURA products are naturally gluten-free and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, preservatives or colouring agents. This means that the entire PASTA NATURA range is perfect for meeting various nutritional needs, not just the gluten-free diet. Our products are also chosen to follow vegan and vegetarian diets, they are ideal for those who are following a protein diet also of vegetable origin and for those who have to follow a low-caloric diet but do not want to give up the nutritional benefits of cereals. Here we talk about the raw materials and their properties: let's discover together why PASTA NATURA is so good!