The organic PASTA NATURA and Marchesato cereal flours are 100% naturally gluten-free. They come from crops where GMO is not used. For our farm we have chosen to take care of the cultivation of the most suitable cereals to make excellent pasta, with important nutritional properties that perform fundamental vital functions, easily digestible and with excellent organoleptic qualities. real PASTA NATURA and the Marchesato are 100% naturally gluten-free. They come from crops where GMO is not used. With PASTA NATURA your diet is healthy and balanced: the fibre, vitamin and antioxidant content you find in pasta and flour responds to daily needs. WHO recommends taking 30-45g of fibre per day. Hence the need to eat daily, as well as with fruit and vegetables, also with a good part of whole grains. To avoid the harmful nutritional repetitiveness PASTA NATURA has created many flavors of pasta, also with the flour of the Marchesato you can make many appetizing recipes, so you can vary every day. Cereals are among the functional foods that are essential for the body, putting them in the daily diet is easy thanks to PASTA NATURA and the organic flour of the Marchesato.


    Teff is a cereal with antioxidant properties, it is perfect to control hunger. Its high nutritional intake is ideal for the nutrition of athletes and diabetics

    Teff flour PASTA NATURA,Teff flour GLUTEN FREE,GLUTEN FREE Teff flour


    Amaranth is a pseudo cereal is easy to digest, it helps to increase our natural defenses and to solve intestinal problems. It is suitable to feed young children and elderly.

    Amaranth flour PASTA NATURA,Amaranth flour GLUTEN FREE,Amaranth flour GLUTEN FREE


    This cereal has antistress properties, it is an excellent tonic and it is known as the good humor cereal. It gives benefits for cardiovascular health and skin and hair beauty.

    Millet flour PASTA NATURA,Millet flour GLUTEN FREE,Millet flour GLUTEN FREE


    Quinoa is an herbaceous plant that improves the metabolic health. It’s a very nutritious and energetic food with low glycemic index, recommended for people on a diet.

    Quinoa flour PASTA NATURA,Quinoa flour GLUTEN FREE, Quinoa flour GLUTEN FREE

    Mais corn

    Mais is a low-calorie cereal but very satiating, it’s suitable fot people on a diet. It has antioxidant properties, it’s good for heart, blood pressure and it fights osteoporosis.

    Corn flour PASTA NATURA, Corn flour GLUTEN FREE,Corn flour GLUTEN FREE


    Rice is a very nutritious cereal, rich in simple sugars, it’s a healthy and good energy concentrate on your table. It’s suitable for a meal before sport activity.

    PASTA NATURA rice flour, GLUTEN FREE rice flour

    Whole Rice

    Whole rice is a cereal rich in fibers that can control the body pressure and regulate the intestine. It has a detoxifying effect and it's perfect to balance a diet rich on fats.

    PASTA NATURA whole rice flour,GLUTEN FREE whole rice flour


    Buckwheat is a cereal that give wellness to all body. It has antiplatelet, antithrombotic, antioxidant properties. It contributes to destroy high cholesterol.

    PASTA NATURA buckwheat flour,GLUTEN FREE buckwheat flour


    Oat is a very nutritious cereal, suitable to fight weakness and physical exhaustion. It's easy to digest and it's perfect for the nutrition of people with metabolic diseases.

    PASTA NATURA oat flour,GLUTEN FREE oat flour