Pasta Natura realized a new gluten free product high in fibre especially formulated for children for all ages but in particular for children aged 3 years old and over. The Multicereale recipe is so tasty, after the first taste you can't stop to eat the whole dish. Made exclusively from organic flour and from sustainable agriculture, “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” will become part of the daily diet of the whole family.


The good taste of Wholegrain Multicereal Pasta
The mix of Multicereale flour allows us to create a dish with a particular fragrance, rich and full flavor. This recipe from “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” was designed to meet all dietary needs: from the vegan diet to gluten free, because it was born only from naturally gluten-free organic flours. Thanks to its extraordinary taste, it conquers even the most difficult palates. Forget the lunches spent trying to convince the children to finish the dish, with La Fattoria delle Meraviglie they will ask for a second serving.

Nutritional fact for Wholegrain Multicereal Pasta
Pasta with Multicereale flour “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” is easy to digest. It is produce with a balanced mixture of whole rice flour, buckwheat flour, amaranth flour and Teff flour. The richness of fibers make this product ideal for people who want to follow a balanced and healthy diet. The nutritional value of this pasta is high: - mineral salts - vitamins - proteins Multicereale pasta “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” was born to improve the quality of life of the whole family: regularly inserted in the food plan, it allows to supplement the diet with excellent nutrients of vegetable origin naturally gluten-free. Often it is not easy to convince children to taste cereals. Instead of presenting the usual soups or the traditional dish of pasta on the table, conquer them with a funny dish of little animals.

The little animals of the Farm can be dressed with all your favorite ingredients. You can make excellent vegan recipes with legumes and seasonal vegetables or more complex dishes with meat, cheese or fish. The taste of the Multicereale Integral Pasta La Fattoria delle Meraviglie enhances the flavor of the other ingredients without being intrusive. If you want to make dishes that look funny and at the same time inviting, choose a basic ingredient to make creamy and accompany them with something that gives a crisp note. Try “La Fattoria delle Meravigli” Multicereale pasta with a cream with four cheeses and speck sautéed or with a cream of chickpeas, celery and pistachios if you prefer a vegan realization. Enjoy your meal!


Data sheet

1519 kJ/359 kcal / 18% RDA
2.8 g / 4% RDA
of which saturates
0.6 g / 3% RDA
73 g / 28% RDA
of which sugars
0.6 g / 1% RDA
3.7 g
8.5 g / 17% RDA
0.02 g / 0% RDA