PASTA NATURA keeps the promise of "gluten-free" with amazing product lines!

Have you already tried the delicious Naturotti biscuits? The tasty pasta made with gluten-free cereal flours and legumes of Le Bontà del Marchesato and the surprising pasta based on ancient cereals Nutracentis.

With PASTA NATURA you have at your disposal a range of gluten free products suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets able to satisfy every nutritional need: pasta and high-protein, protein-free flours, with fibers and with low glycemic index, depending on the type chosen.


    The range of gluten-free biscuits Naturotti by PASTA NATURA is available in 4 surprising flavors: BUCKWHEAT, CORN, COCOA AND HAZELNUTS and CHOCOLATE. For an even richer breakfast, tasty cereal flakes are also available. Enjoy them at breakfast or during the day as a snack breaks hunger: a delicious break can only improve your mood! The careful selection of ingredients is recognizable by the scent that is released by opening the package.

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    Le Bontà del Marchesato offer polenta, flours and pasta naturally gluten-free. With Le Bontà del Marchesato you can make traditional first courses or innovative recipes. The pasta made with legume or cereal flours lends itself to being seasoned with sauces based on vegetables, meat, fish or flavored simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to find on the palate all the flavor of the raw materials selected by PASTA NATURA.

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    Le Bontà del Marchesato


    For those who are very attentive to the nutritional performance of each dish, we offer our naturally gluten-free pasta Nutracentis, made with ancient cereal flour originating in the area, SORGHUM and WHITE CORN, enriched with special ingredients such as SPIRULINA, TURMERIC AND PEPPER or BEETROOT. Nutracentis is intended for private consumption and the Ho.Re.Ca channel. If you are curious to taste these specialties, let yourself be inspired by the recipes we have created with our chefs, you can find them on the Nutracentis website.

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