PASTA NATURA's small pasta comes from the necessity to offer a pasta shape suitable not only for soups and broth, but also to propose a curious and delicious first course for the youngest commensals. Children love stelline and chifferini, you can use them in any recipe, it will always be a success. Every single PASTA NATURA element will be tasted with pleasure. This happens because PASTA NATURA’s naturally gluten-free flours are obtained from a strictly organic Italian supply chain. This pasta is produced with the skilful artisanal traditional method: slowly dryed at low temperatures and bronze drawn. PASTA NATURA's small pasta is porous, tasty, fragrant and it remains perfectly firm to the bite. Even in soups you will distinctly feel the perfect pasta consistency. With PASTA NATURA’s flavour, you will give originality to most of the traditional recipes.


    PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal small pasta shape Stelline, the perfect shape for your dreams. Galaxies of stars will invade your table, ready to be savoured with pleasure by children and grown-ups. Your soup will taste great.


    PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal small pasta shape Chifferini, ideal for children who want to feel a good consistency in the mouth when eating small pasta. The curved shape allows a long-lasting bond with the sauce.