PASTA NATURA and Marchesato Polenta: creamy, soft and tasty.


Polenta is the most famous gluten-free dish in the world. Everybody loves polenta. Every region of Italy has in its traditional recipes a special way of preparing it, suitable for every season. Polenta is not only eaten in winter, it can be enjoyed all the year round, especially on Sundays. Enjoying it is always a convivial gesture that gathers the family around the table. PASTA NATURA and Marchesato propose a special polenta with a surprising taste: the taste of nature! Such an essential dish has to be natural to be good, as it is prepared only with water and flour. Our polenta comes from organic crops, it is GMO-free and free of any other sophistication. Use it to prepare all your delicious recipes, from the most traditional to the innovative ones: with our polenta every dish will be an explosion of taste.


    MARCHESATO TRUFFLE POLENTA with yellow corn flour and truffle is naturally gluten-free. With this instant polenta you will make delicious recipes in no time, MARCHESATO line is your success in the kitchen.