Polenta del Marchesato 100% organic gluten-free


MARCHESATO LINE offers the exclusive polenta line to whet the palate of all who loves gluten free products. Polenta is a universal dish, present in all regional Italian kitchens. Experiment with flavors and recipes with Polenta “del Marchesato”: you will easily get a creamy, soft and tasty polenta. Even the “Polenta del Marchesato” are naturally gluten-free, derive from organic crops, are free of GMOs and any other sophistication. In the “Polenta of the Marquisato” there is only nature. To make gourmet recipes we use only carefully selected ingredients, which respect our strict standards of control of raw materials. We are so demanding because we want to offer you only naturally good, healthy and safe products to be included in your daily diet. With the Marchesato Truffle Polenta you can joyfully face even the coldest days, nothing comforts more than a good hot dish to be enjoyed with friends.


    MARCHESATO TRUFFLE POLENTA with yellow corn flour and truffle is naturally gluten-free. With this instant polenta you will make delicious recipes in no time, MARCHESATO line is your success in the kitchen.