PASTA NATURA offers pasta with gourmet recipes and special flours


PASTA NATURA's gourmet line is dedicated to real gourmands, looking for a sensory captivating experience in a simple dish of pasta, to share with special people. Prepare your favourite recipes with our gourmet line pasta in plain tranquillity: all of PASTA NATURA's products are healthy, naturally gluten-free and respecting the highest quality standards thanks to the artisanal production of both flours and pasta. In the gourmet line we have chosen to offer a pasta made with special flours, rich in nutrients like hemp and bamboo, beside pasta gotten from the excellences of Piedmont’s territory, like our pasta with Piedmont hazelnuts flour, our pasta with hemp and our pasta with truffle. To have new delicious recipes, use your favourite ingredients. You will get the typical taste and smell of the Mediterranean diet in a healthy and tasty dish of pasta.